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Lewis Pulleys is now the Asia-Pacific Agent for the Vald Birn Ventilated Turbo Pulley (VTP) catering to a diversity of industries including Air-conditioning, Mining, Pumping and Quarrying.

The VTP is an internationally patented V-belt pulley with a completely new design incorporating all aspects of optimized performance of V-belt pulleys.

Compared to conventional V-belt pulleys, the VTP pulley is:

  • 50% - 60% lighter than grey-iron pulleys
  • has less internal tension
  • allows up to twice the rim speed (to 100m/ sec) compared with other off-the-shelf products
  • can lower belt temperatures by up to 17°C due to its ventilated grooves (a 10°C reduction theoretically doubles the belt life).

Furthermore, due to the tilted spokes, the internal tensions of the V-belt pulley are reduced considerably.

For our clients, this means cost savings and a longer life-span of your pulley compared to other traditional pulleys.

Browse our extensive product range and specialised services, and discover the innovative Ventilated Turbo Pulley. As efficiency is our aim throughout business, we also offer a fast delivery service that is unsurpassed by other companies.

VTP Catalogue

Click on the desired specification sheet below to view it or download the entire VTP catalogue in PDF format (5.73 MB) for printing purposes.

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